The Aaron & Marie Blackman Foundation

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12439 Magnolia Blvd. #236

Valley Village, CA 91607 

About Us


 The Aaron & Marie Blackman Foundation is a private foundation founded in 1989 by Aaron and Marie Blackman.  In funding the Foundation, the donors, at each of their deaths, made a final statement in support of their lifelong commitment to philanthropy.  They entrusted their estate to the control of a few trusted advisors and friends who agreed to do their best to carry out the wishes of the Blackmans for as long as the money would last.  It was the belief of the Blackmans, who had no direct descendants, that the fruits of their lifelong labors should be dedicated solely to philanthropic causes such as those that they had supported through most of the years that they had resided in the United States.

Having lived in Russia for much of their early lives, the Blackmans left for China after World War I with the hope of finding a better life. The Blackmans later found it necessary to leave their home in Shanghai, China after the conclusion of World War II.   They were fortunate to be able to come to the United States where they made their home in San Francisco until their deaths.  During their lifetimes, the Blackmans supported charitable organizations that helped the Jewish people through improved health, education and welfare. 

The Work of the Foundation and Criteria for Making Grants:

 The Aaron and Marie Blackman Foundation is dedicated to supporting 501 (c) 3 organizations which provide for the continuity and educational enhancement of the Jewish people.  We do this by funding programs within our service area that are directed towards serving students at primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities which educate and train the future leaders of Jewish communities.  We also support  programs that promote  the Jewish identity of students attending institutions within our service areas and their opportunities to live in a safe and secure learning environment as free as possible from the impact of attacks and prejudicial treatment from those whose religious beliefs or feelings about the State of Israel differ from our own.  

The State of Israel has great importance in our grant making process along with programs in the following geographic areas:

California counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano and Yolo.  

Communicating with us and grant applications:

 The Foundation’s activities are limited to making grants to tax exempt organizations who are currently on the IRS list of organizations eligible to receive tax deductible contributions and which also meet the criteria and mission statement outlined in the paragraphs immediately preceding this one.  Through its own independent work, the Subvention committee of the Foundation seeks out organizations that meet the mission and locations specified in the grant-making criteria outlined above.  Only a few grants are made annually as a result of unsolicited submissions by qualified organizations.  We do not have paid grant-making staff and, therefore, we only respond to unsolicited requests for grants if the request meets our intentionally limited giving criteria and mission statement.   

Qualifying organizations should direct their written grant requests to the Foundation address.  These requests must include the identifying information about the organization, a description any specific program whose support you are seeking and a copy of the organization’s most recent federal income tax return with all supporting schedules and a copy of the most recent accountant prepared financial statement.